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One of my absolute favorites. ~~~~ Peregrine Falcon by Craig Brown

Fastest creature on the planet! A Peregrine Falcon in a stoop (dive) can reach speeds estimated at over 200 miles per hour.

Jeremy Paul, Wildlife Artist, british: "Peregrine".

Peregrine falcons can reach speeds up to 200+ mph when diving towards prey.

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The Peregrine is one of the few Birds of Prey that prefer to hunt, catch and kill prey in mid-air - it possesses a unique tomial tooth on its beak which allows it to kill prey instantly. Most importanly however, despite its size, the Peregrine can reach speeds up to 200 mph when hunting and diving for prey.

Peregrine falcon - fastest diving bird. Image via Paradise of Birds on Facebook

The Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) is togeher with the peregrine falcon one of the two fastest birds and animals in the world. Wingspan 1.80 - 2.80 m. When diving for prey it can reach 240 - 320 km/h (150 - 200 mph) - via Robert SKREINER's photo on Google+

Peregrine Falcon - the fastest animal on earth: able to reach speeds over 200 mph in a drive.