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Nexxus New York Salon Care Comb Thru, Touchable Hold 10 Ounce -

Our luxury scented candles and wedding candles are packed with the finest organic ingredients, including soy and essential oils -

from Humblebee & Me

Christmas Eve Pillow Mist

While I was dreaming up this year’s Christmas projects, I really loved the idea of a Christmas Eve Pillow Mist—something you could spritz over your bed before crawling between the sheets and listening for reindeer on the roof. I decided … Continue reading →

Etherische oliën voor het reinigen en Binnenlandse                                                                                                                                                      More
from The WHOot

Essential Oils How To Make Your Own At Home

Etherische oliën voor het reinigen en Binnenlandse More

Dr. Axe: Essential Oil Uses


Hair Perfume – 10 ways to make your hair smell good

Hair Perfume - 10 ways to make your hair smell good: Hair Mist: Put 1/2 cup distilled water / rose water or witch hazel.bAdd 5 to 10 drops of essential or fragrance oil

Ingredients: Everclear 190 proof, grain ethyl alcohol 4 ounce fine mist spray bottle Directions: Pour alcohol into spray bottle. Spray 2-4 times onto clean armpits. This eliminates odor by killing any bacteria. I prefer to have no scent, so I have not added essential oils to it. If I did, I would use frankincense or clove- Just because they’re my favorites. Matt and Betsy recommended 10 drops essential oil per one ounce alcohol.

from Sarah Titus

DIY Hair Perfume

If you want your hair to smell pretty, here's the perfect DIY Hair Perfume recipe for you! It's super simple to make and softens your hair to boot!

from MIX Wellness

Calming Essential Oil Pillow Spray

Check out >> Do this calming #DIY #sleep spray #recipe made with important oils!...

18 drops MARJORAM 12 drops GERANIUM 12 drops LAVENDER 8 drops EUCALYPTUS 5 drops CEDARWOOD Combine in a spray bottle. Must room generously, lightly spray pillow, apply to throat, inhale. Recipe from the Essential Life book