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Contents: What is fibromyalgia? What is the connection between fibromyalgia and lupus? Who gets fibromyalgia? What causes fibromyalgia? Symptoms of fibromyalgia  What kind of doctor should I see for fibromyalgia? How is it diagnosed? Treatment Options Living with Fibro, an Invisible Illness What is Fibromyalgia? Fibromyalgia syndrome (also known as FMS or ‘fibro’) is a disorder that... Read more »

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15 Inspiring Quotes That Will Make You Want To Travel The World (Part IV)

"Love her but leave her wild."

#Myelofibrosis is a rare, life-threatening blood #cancer where bone marrow is gradually replaced by scar tissue, disturbing the production of normal blood cells. Check out the Myelofibrosis by the Numbers #infographic to learn more.

The spectrum of JAK2-positive myeloproliferative neoplasms

No one is perfect, folks. Good grief, I'm the most flawed person imaginable, however knowing that I am fearfully and wonderfully made helps me to fall in love with myself more everyday. It is only when we love ourselves that we can truly love others. <3 (:

#Myelofibrosis is a life-threatening blood cancer with progressive, debilitating symptoms that severely impact quality of life and reduce overall survival.