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Not being loved back hurts, but realize that it's a sign that you're trying to be with someone that you're not meant to be with.

Yep! If you have to prove how wonderful things are in your private life, something is wrong.

An occassional praise or quip is one thing, but putting your relationship drama all over FB for the world to see is a sure sign that there is a HUGE problem. And, if the ONLY thing you EVER post is drama. well, it& time to reevaluate.

Communication..respect..&& trust is the key to a great relationship. These things are very important. <3 Always <3

”Without Communication, There Is No Relationship Without Respect, There Is No Love. Without Trust, There’s No Reason To Continue”


No matter where the road has taken us, I am blessed to have rekindled our love through remaining soulful friends. Even in your darkest moments I was there. The vows I spoke will remain truthful until death do us part.

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100 Ways to Say "I Love You. ~ "I don't have the words to tell you how much I love you. Maybe if I loved you less, it would be easier to talk about it.

Don't even worry about video games, tv, movies, or comics if you want a girl. Man-up, Suit-up, and wine & dine the crap out of the girl you like. Girls, no matter how un-girly they are, love to be wine & dined.

"My fellow men of the world: put the video games down. Man up, suit up, and wine & dine the f*ck out of a beautiful girl. He is seriously sexy!