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This is true but I love one direction and it was so hard for me too when Three cute amazing members left Exo:'( and when Zayn left! That was hard

omg lol hahahaha this is too true... but obviously it's the same case for any kpop group ^_^

Funny KPOP macros ~ K-Soda News

Oh I love them! CD TVXQ/DBSK Fighting!! ♥♥

There are no words needed. We all know this is true and just go with it........*silence* OKAY IM NOT GOING WITH IT! WTF MAN THEY ARE SHAKING UP OUR HEARTS GODDAMNIT! ALL BEING CUTE, SEXY, MANLY AT ONCE!

My first Kpop video was Midnight by Beast<--Mines was Dope by BTS<<Mine was Fantastic Baby by BIGBANG

The accuracy of this makes me laugh harder than it should, like oh my gosh praise the person who came up with this you deserve an award.

I get realllly excited then i realise they are so far away from me :( ONE DAY THOUGH ONE DAY !!