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Machu Picchu, The Lost City , Peru

Machu Picchu, The Lost City , Peru Stadium seating for houses: build on a steep slope so every house has an amazing view!

Huayna Picchu-Cusco-Perú  I think I'd have to go down on my butt--my knees would lock at this view.

Hike Huayna Picchu - One of the World's Most Dangerous Climbs

Escaleras Montaña Wayna Picchu Walking down the stairs at Machu Picchu! Wayna Picchu Mountain , Stairs of Death (This is about halfway down this set of stairs)

i want to touch a cloud and it is beautiful in machu picchu. :)

Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu, Peru Someday I hope to visit this place.

Machu Picchu. 15th Century Inca Site. Almost 8,000 ft. above sea level. Peru, South America. 1450.

Machu Picchu, c. Inca Site, almost ft. above sea level, Peru,

Machu Picchu, Peru

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Macchu Picchu and the Urubamba river below. Peru.  images of an Amazing Machu…

Peru Adventure & Hiking Tours

Macchu Picchu and the Urubamba river below. images of an Amazing Machu…

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three places id like to visit peru is a place with beautiful land scaping italy i would like to try their quizens rome i want to see where the spartans battled and the beautiful land marks by morgan