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Project to make w boys? Tutorial for a Woven and Half-hitched Paracord Pouch - great add-on to an emergency kit in a backpack. It will hold small items, and unravels to be about 30 feet of paracord.

DIY Tutorial Bracelets / How to Make a Wide Cobra Paracord Bracelet - Bead&Cord

This is my first instructable and I hope you enjoy it. I will show you how I made a wide paracord bracelet with a side release buckle. This is also a good plan for a collar for you dog.


Here is a design I came up with.I am Rick Paracord aka Rick's Paracord Gear and if you are serious in knotting like I am check my FB group out Knot Just Paracord Group

How to make a single color survival bracelet/paracord bracelet with buckle

How to Make a Single Color Survival Bracelet/paracord Bracelet With Buckle

Paracord watch band / bracelet with a side release buckle. Need to do this for my watch. might need a new watch tho.