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Braille and tactile signs from Recognition Express
Three pictogram in different colors and symbols. The symbol and text are tactile and we use braille.  www.jcgt.se
Make it easy for people with  visual impairment and who don't know your language, to navigate in your premises. This is a tactile pictogram with contrasting colors and braille with a wood pattern. www.jcgt.se
Tactile School Maps
Braille College Map of Cambridge not into the aesthetics of this or necessarily the use of braille (although I'm sure it doesn't hurt/doesn't make it much more expensive to add it if there's going to be a tactile map) but I think it would be nice to have a tactile map so that a blind person could get an overall sense of what the landscape is like...especially since the site has such varying terrains...it might me night to even just feel it and have an interpreter tell you what you are…
ADA Exit Sign with Running Person Pictogram, Tactile Letters and ...
An information board. A board who describe the facilities of the building. With tactile text, braille and symbols, it is a good help to people with functional disability or people who don't know the language. www.jcgt.se
With tactile design you can feel the hight difference witch gives you an understandig of the buildings layout. jcgt.se
A sign made in wood. Design consist of tactile elements, and is made for a opening of an exhibition. www.jcgt.se
Tactile map. A great help for the costumers to navigate in every public enviornment.