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Hair chains One comb with bobby pin. Third picture not product just listed to show how products used. Accessories Hair Accessories

♠ out of all my characters, darcy is probably my best and the closest to becoming some sort of genius writing revelation that will attract millions of readers to my mediocre plots, but he is hella confusing to figure out, and although i am getting closer and closer, i'm not entirely there ♠

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25 Most Pinteresting Halloween Decorations To Pin on Your Pinterest Board

25 Most Pinteresting Halloween Decorations To Pin on Your Pinterest Board | Easyday

9/10 adopted (i would just like to let u guys know that the minimum on these pins is 2.) first princess Snow White (ADOPTED) second Cinderella (ADOPTED) third Sleeping Beauty (ADOPTED) fourths Ariel (ADOPTED) fifth belle (ADOPTED) sixth jasmine (ADOPTED) seventh Pocahontas (ADOPTED) eighth mulan ninth Tiana (ADOPTED) and tenth Rapunzel (ADOPTED).

I took my Zig Clean Color Real Brush Markers and scribbled a rainbow of colors overlapping each other across the bottom third of the watercolor paper. Then I used a paint brush and some water to move the colors around until I was happy with how they looked. I scribbled the marker on an acrylic block and then picked up the color with a wet brush, tapping the brush to make the tiny paint splatters.

Fractions could use Smarties. Not sure it fits with our Healthy School policy though!

{Pinterest Pins - Week 1} My Week in Quotes

the woman you pursue is a reflection of you, your ambition and your level of class. or lack thereof.

Margaret Berg Art: Heart+Balloons+Bouquet