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This Blog is dedicated to women, beauties of the planet, to their curves, shapes, form.. All those Bodies/Beauties from all over the world, That's Real Art

My Mother-In-Law's Madeira Cake

Tried Nigella's mothering laws Madeira cake recipe,it came out beauts and very easy to follow <3

Now THATS a library wall - by Diane Bergeron; Interior design services and fabric showroom fab, eclectic, high meets low, flea market with glam style. her fabric line and her style are colourful, fun and always cheeky- just like all the best things Australian.

بخاطر نمی آورم اما بدون شک روزی، جایی، تو هم مرا دوست داشته ای... وگرنه این همه حس خوب در من باور کردنی نیست. #کیوان_میرشاهی

We just don't know sweetheart - we can't know. And that's ok you just both commit to finding ways to make it work. That's all it is.

Si tu ne sais toujours pas comment te préparer demain, tu peux voir ma dernière vidéo. Puis je vous envoie plein de love à tous. Vraiment. Je vous aime. Merci d'avoir rendu ma vie si belle. L'année 2016 se finit définitivement mieux qu'elle n'a commencé pour ma part et c'est TROP COOL. Gros love xx