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from Health Essentials from Cleveland Clinic

13 Strange and Interesting Facts About Your Bones (Infographic)

13 strange and interesting facts you need to know about your BONES.

Supreme Teams Up WIth Nike & The North Face For A Brightly Lit Spring/Summer 13 Season. Love this

from Yoga Journal

Journey Through the Chakras: Scents to Deepen Your Practice

Journey Through the Chakras: A Guide to Picking the Perfect Essential Oil Bring your mind and body into balance with …

Stretching the Back... Get other health and fitness tips at!

I found this on Facebook. It may work, and if not, I'm sure it won't hurt :)

There are many causes of hip pain and often an x-ray will be required to make a diagnosis. One condition is bursitis. This can come on suddenly or gradually. Symptoms include limping, possibly due to pain travelling into your gluteal muscles and down the outside of your leg – similiar to sciatic nerve pain – or into your back.…


BCNC 6: Leaky Gut Syndrome

Leaky gut syndrome is very common ailment that causes many unpleasant…


3 Yoga Poses for Sciatica

This stretch feels great! (For someone who gets awful sciatic pain)