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‘I’m scared to death’: The last bitter days of Rexnord

As Rexnord begins closing its Indianapolis plant, John Feltner watches his work literally be shipped out of the country

Get Unstuck Today

10 Principles for managing finances that lead to peace and avoiding many problems of today's world. Mentions budgeting, avoiding credit debt, etc. Is written in a positive way and includes scripture for the points.

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Mama: Inspired: How to: BUDGETING the 'cash & envelope' system, minus the cash. Love this idea!

debt is slavery

Gold is the money of kings, silver is the money of gentlemen, barter is the money of peasants, but DEBT is the money of slaves.

"You are not entitled to anything until you save and pay for it." - Dave Ramsey

"You are not entitled to anything until you save and pay for it." - Dave Ramsey Pay off Debt


Deep Mentoring: Guiding Others on Their Leadership Journey

Gifts We Use: My Organized Bible & a Giveaway!

Child Training Bible- kind of like Wise Words for Moms but this uses an actual Bible so that when a "situation" arises, you can turn the highlighted Scripture *together*.

Living Rich With Coupons. I don't know about living "rich", but this site does have some handy tips and tools.

Beginners Guide to Using Coupons - Extreme Couponing -

If you missed the John Piper clip from yesterday...click on over and watch it! It will be worth the three minutes. Since we know that we can not grow in our faith apart from the word of God, I am n...

15 Practical Tips for Studying the Bible

15 Tips for digging into God's word including ways to make Bible study a habit, more practical and easier to understand! This site has very helpful tips for your study of God's Word.