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Farm Animals unit in PreK this spring... Going to use some of these ideas. Love the idea of taking our own mud walk! (cookies and icing)


30 Animal & Insect Life Cycle Activities

from lab – Inhabitat

Ziggurat-like vertical farming tower would soak up the sun in Paris

from Inhabitat

Vincent Callebaut Unveils Stacked Pebble-Inspired Eco-Farmscrapers for Shenzhen

The Three Pigs: Mixed Media Collages - After reading "The Three Pigs", retold by Jane Resnik, student architects compared and contrasted different materials that could be used to build a strong home. (Forest Knolls Elementary School)

Lesson based on Monet's Waterlillies - the lesson was presented based on the idea that you can connect the idea of hybridization of plants and art. You can talk about Mendel and his pea plants (how he isolated 5 specific characteristics of the plants to make offspring with specifically desired traits)