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Cosplay   *Sword Art Online *   T&J♥♡

Cosplay *Sword Art Online * T&J♥♡

Bolt and Sarada. LOL. sorry sasuke, but i dont remeber you flirtin' very well either

Bolt and Sarada XD XD No it's just that Bolt has Natuto's genes.<--funny, but no SASUKE sucks at relations so.

Itachi IS the greatest Uchiha ever :)

Itachi Uchiha -the best Uchiha xD- Naruto Naruto Shippuden. I personally love itachi, but after I figured out the whole "obito thing" I can't help but love obito slightly

My first color! Huzzahs! ____________ Sorry for the horrible linings.

Well Sasuke has to protect the vilage, away from his daughter and wife. (And all that with just one arm) just saing.

Akatsuki high... An other reason that I'm so much gonna move to Japan... A day...

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hahahah...yeah it is......Thanks uzumaki naruto......you're the best......hey,that guy just like me...

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