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Playing with soot

Photo of a Spirographis spallanzani(Scientific Name) Spirógrafo(Common Name) shotted in Marina del Este. Granada with a NIKON CORPORATION camera

Christmas Tree Worm

Christmas Tree Worm - marine worm, commonly found in coral. Saw these all over Thailand while diving and loved watching them.

Titan Trigerfish

Photo of a Titan Trigerfish(Common Name) shotted in Thaïland

Roman Amphorae

Photo of a Vestigia(Common Name) shotted in Portus Julius Baia Naples (Italy) with a Canon camera

Sabella spallanzanii worm in Archi - Reggio Calabria - Italy

Photo of a Sabella Spallanzanii(Scientific Name) Spirografi(Common Name) shotted in Archi (RC) with a Canon camera

Surge Zone Star

Photo of a Pisaster ochraceus(Scientific Name) Pacific Purple Star(Common Name) shotted in Vancouver Island BC with a Olympus camera

Deep vision

Deep vision

Manta point  in Flores Island - Indonesia

Manta point in Flores Island - Indonesia

Short dragonfish

Photo of a Eurypegasus draconis(Scientific Name) FISH(Common Name) shotted in Anilao with a SONY camera


Photo of a Christmas Tree Worm(Common Name) shotted in Bonarie, Caribbean Netherlands with a Canon camera