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My spirit animal

lolz online - Im Not Adulting Today

Jeeves, place my pen on the desk.  I want to knock it on the floor.

Funny pictures about Aristocat at his finest. Oh, and cool pics about Aristocat at his finest. Also, Aristocat at his finest.

Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day - 27 Pics

What Pets Are Thinking When The Doorbell Rings

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Likes humans wouldz make do; de pink monkeys notz always too bright.

Lol Um...yup! Do your OWN friggin' work and stop acting like you don't have time to do it! Show up on time to work your full 8!

sad but true.

can c my sanity

Funny animals of the week - 13 February 2015 pics)

Image result for time puns

Image result for time puns

i need a break

No time for nothing!

The mathematics of cats.

When I study final exams. Gus Gus, Charlie & Tigger always surround me when I'm studying and the doze off. Sometimes I wish I could sleep as much as a cat and not have to stress over having tests to pass :(

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They should call it SnapCAT honestly.

My first creation. Thank you macro-econ.

The Kate Mixes: 24 Hours of Fun (aka 24 hour urine). Little medical humor for ya.


Cats can work out mathematically the exact place to sit that will cause most inconvenience. ~Pam Brown I'm doing the calculations now

25 Hilarious Tax Season Pictures

25 Hilarious Tax Season Pictures

Like if your a fan of 25 Hilarious Tax Season Pictures

your an idiot

Love it