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Your bark is your own. No one has one quite like yours. Own it. Love it. Project it.

Your bark is your own. Own it. Love it. Project it.

Framed Pet Silhouette Tutorial!

Fun Pet Lovers Craft!

Framed Pet Silhouettes on Burlap - If you don't have adhesive backed cardstock, use regular cardstock and Glue Dots! Just as easy, clean and mess-free!


Funny pictures about Eating is tiresome. Oh, and cool pics about Eating is tiresome. Also, Eating is tiresome photos.

Bizarro - A Dog's Perspective

Matter of Perspective Dogs v Humans , this is what I go through with Abby sometimes. I explain that she's been like this her whole life and doesn't know any different. She's faster on three legs than my four legged dog.

Ummm... what are you doing

On Saturday, the Pit Bull named "Pirate Jack" showed up at the Dog Park wearing the very latest fashion in kitten eye patches. (the other dogs were way too confused by it to even laugh at him).


This is what my Beagle does when my husband gets up for work - not even a minute after he gets up out of the bed, the dog is in his spot snuggling with me!

greeters....looks more like scratch the door's

" Say: "Please can you open the door a bit wider for us? We want to go for our daily walk outside." (Photo By: Pavel Demchenko on