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Mixed media, 16"x16" on panel, by Kelly Thiel. Birds, portrait, image transfer, acrylic, marker, oil pastel, Kelly Thiel Studio, mixed media art, mixed media painting

from Foursquare

City of Bend

Mixed media painting on panel, by Kelly Thiel, image transfer, mostly acrylic, mixed media painting, portraits, figurative art, art, pink, red

Mixed media on canvas. 12"x12", mostly acrylic. By Kelly Thiel #birds #portrait #faces

Mixed media painting, image transfer, Kelly Thiel Studio, acrylic on panel, portrait, hybrids, flowers

Mixed media art, 6" x 6" on canvas, by Kelly Thiel. Image transfer, acrylic, portrait, birds, Kelly Thiel Studio, mixed media painting

"Her Tribe", by Kelly Thiel, mixed media on panel, 2016

"Sunflowers In Her Past", mixed media painting, 10"x22", image transfer, by: Kelly Thiel

from Foursquare

City of Bend

"Wild Love", mixed media painting, by Kelly Thiel

"Intense Love", acrylic and mixed media on canvas by Kelly Thiel