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Lexengine: NSEL Scam: SEBI, MCX-SX and CBI enquiry.

from Le Belle Amour

The 12 Universal Laws and How They Work

The Law of Divine Oneness – We live in a world where everything and everyone is connected to everything and everyone else.  Every single thing we are doing, saying, thinking and believing eff…

Mumbai,India~~Wadala tower is the tallest mix-use tower in the world,~~ designed by world renowned architect James Law of James Law Cybertecture International. Wadala Tower is a 21st century ultra-futuristic “Cybertecture” skyscraper situated in the heart of India. The design concept of this super high-rise tower is driven by a strong image of Indian Snakes

Popular Tourist Destinations Hampi in Karnataka, India Want To Travel Around The World? Know how you can use the Law of attraction in your benefit? Grab Your FREE Report! 4 STUNNING LAW OF ATTRACTION SECRETS Click Here!

Plot; A girl has to move in with her new step sister after the death of their parents. Her new guardian is studying law and has a job as a barista and gets mediocre pay.

from Mail Online

Just don't add a diving board! The incredible apartments that have swimming pools instead of balconies

in Mumbai they are building an apartment block with swimming pools instead of balconies ! :O

This is, without a doubt, one of the most painful reads I've ever done. I would never forget Rahel and Estha, or Roy and her unbelievable gift with language.

Emperor Aurangzeb Alamgir ("Universal-Siezer") (Muslim; Mongol; 31/7/1658-3/3/1707 CE Mughal Emperor) (c. 18th Century CE Mughal Miniature Painting, India) | Establishing Islamic Law in the empire, expanding it to its greatest extent, making it the richest-most powerful (?) empire of the time. He defeated an amok elephant in 1 1 melee battle. The English (envoy) prostate; pays large sum of money (twice) to him for pardon. Considered the royal treasury to be held in trust for the citizens…

from Fox News

Southern Florida Community Overrun by Peacocks

Peacocks ... not the best thing for Florida when strutting around in real life. Over the past 100 years, Florida has been a pretty safe roost for thousands of feral birds. Peacocks (peafowl - scientifically speaking) are not indigenous to Florida; they ar