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Lexengine: NSEL Scam: SEBI, MCX-SX and CBI enquiry.

Mumbai,India~~Wadala tower is the tallest mix-use tower in the world,~~ designed by world renowned architect James Law of James Law Cybertecture International. Wadala Tower is a 21st century ultra-futuristic “Cybertecture” skyscraper situated in the heart of India. The design concept of this super high-rise tower is driven by a strong image of Indian Snakes

Kolkata - City of yellow taxis and Hawarah Bridge. ..

The 12 Universal Laws and How They Work

The Law of Divine Oneness – We live in a world where everything and everyone is connected to everything and everyone else. Every single thing we are doing, saying, thinking and believing eff…

Cochin Jews -They are the oldest group of Jews in India, with possible roots claimed to date to the time of King Solomon. The Cochin Jews settled in the Kingdom of Cochin in South India,now part of the state of Kerala. As early as the 12th century, mention is made of the Black Jews in southern India. The Jewish traveler, Benjamin of Tudela, speaking of Kollam (Quilon) on the Malabar Coast, writes in his Itinerary: "...throughout the island, including all the towns thereof, live several…

It should be a law that before you stick a bible in a child's face you must listen to Christopher Hitchen's debates and read his books. Then if you still decide to proceed, you should be institutionalized.

Many people do not understand their energy to build a new or instead improve an alreadying existing partnership by thinking about the Law of Destination.

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LESSON 1: Objective- Students use brushes and india ink/acrylic to create strokes. Then create a silhouette by photographing each student. Students use these photos & the grid method to draw their silhouette (or a models) onto the painting. Fill in the negative space to create a silhouette similar to this example using black or white backgrounds.