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Beauty isnt mearly just skin deep. You could resemble a rotting corps and be beautiful. Your soul is the object to be judged weather its ugly or beautiful.

Luke: like my mouth? How 'bout you come over and give it a try?

♥ / Karolina / 16 /  Poland / ♥   ♥ cute pics and anime trash ♥few drawings and a bit of salt ♥ an IchiRuki shipper. you've been warned! ♥ Don't be shy to message me♥ deviantart: egaohoshi   instagram: niezapowiedziana._

(( I'm the zombie)) ArE yOu goiNg To tUrN aWAy fRom Me nOw? It's OK. I uNdeRsTand. I'm an UgLy, RotTinG, MOnsTer. Go aNd hidE. GeT AwaY frOm mE. I WouLdnt wAnT tO hUrt YoU.

pastel goth boy - Buscar con Google

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...why does this remind me of(highschool) Kara?? The aditude perhaps? Or the "that's nice V" air?

ADOPTED Razr is 15. He hates listening to others, and he's very rebellious. He often is off in his own world, listening to music.

Black and white portrait of a kawaii female anime/manga character.