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Beauty isnt mearly just skin deep. You could resemble a rotting corps and be beautiful. Your soul is the object to be judged weather its ugly or beautiful.

Luke: like my mouth? How 'bout you come over and give it a try?

Another black and white image of a male anime/manga character. This one shows a side profile of the boy's face.... The jacket/hoodie is interesting, and since the lines are clean, could prove useful in future drawing endeavors. :)

Anime Creepy Girl, Anime Girl Dark, Dark Anime Girl Beautiful, Anime Gas Mask…

ADOPTED Razr is 15. He hates listening to others, and he's very rebellious. He often is off in his own world, listening to music.

ohh wow her mouth just look like a zipper on a bag!XD ooh the chest pwueee......... feeling not good at this pictures bwoaaaa.......

John, age 20. He is respectful, flirty, and caring. He's very generous to people who need his help. He's a medium.

This is Samantha and she is 13. She is teased alot about her cat ears and is looking for someone to accept her. Adopted.