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You had one job! You couldn't have that after 5th grade, they haven't seen each other? Nope! Gotta mess it all up!

When I heard they were making a Monsters University I told my mom that in the movie Mike says they been best friends since kindergarden and this also IT'S ALL A LIE! but MU was a great movie

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big hero 6 fan art | Disney Big Hero 6 ⚽️ (DisneysBigHero6) on Twitter

big hero 6 fan art - This was one of Mattilyn's favorite parts of the movie Hairy Baby, Hairy Baby

Don't get me wrong I love me some Frozen but we need to stop it with the whole Frozen was the first bull because, it ain't true.

For all those people who won't get off Frozen's dick

Frozen is awesome, but please. It doesn't have to be the first for everything! Get your Disney facts straight people