“Fleetwood Mac Live, 1978 ” Photo originally shared by Roseanne Mughetto. Original photo belongs to the very generous Vikki Carlucci. Please do not remove caption.

Bella Donna Tour (1981)

Stevie onstage with untamed hair and a shawl that's seductively slipped over her bare shoulders ☆♥❤♥☆

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Stevie Nicks talks with Elio Iannacci on a recent cameo, a Fleetwood Mac reunion and a new solo album decades in the making. Description from I searched for this on

Stevie Nicks Looks Back: Inside Rolling Stone's New Issue

*Suzanne Misseri courtesy tumblr

Stevie, covered up from neck to wrists and boots (unseen) yet still looking elegantly alluring ~ love her eyes ~ ☆♥❤♥☆


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