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Wallpaper and background photos of Michael Clifford for fans of 5 Seconds of Summer images.

When someone asks me who my favorite boy is from 5 Seconds of Summer...

Tis an artistic representation of my struggles, in life.

5 Seconds Of Summer at The Orange Lounge - April 19, 2014.

Asdfghjklasdfghjkl his biceps. Ashton girl down! >> I repeat Ashton girl down!<<< I'm not even an Ashton girl and I need help!<<< Another Ashton girl down! (jk we secretly like dying so much)

Calum Hood of 5 Seconds of Summer - 2014 iHeartRadio Music Festival Village - Roaming

Why Calum Hood Is 5 Seconds of Summer's Secret Weapon

calum , i love you too much to tell you to fuck off so just um , calm down alright ?

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