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The Beginning of the End

The Beginning of the End - - Or, perhaps more accurately, the ending of the preparation towards a new beginning? Time keeps slipping away from me as we continue to wrap up our life here at home. Lately, our life has continued to revolve around getting Tequila … Continue reading → The post The Beginning of the End appeared first on The Next Big Adventure. #overland #overlanding #adventuretravel

from The Next Big Adventure

Someday I Will....

Someday I will….. - - I adore Jimmy Buffet. While not quite as obsessed as many of his parrot head tribe, following him around the world on tour dates, I have been an avid fan for many a year. In fact, our truck-campers name of … Continue reading → The post Someday I will….. appeared first on The Next Big Adventure. #overland #overlanding #adventuretravel #travel #4x4

Follow The Hound: Episode One; Baja Days - - So, the first episode of our new travel series is finally here! We are hoping to make this a regular series, capturing the essence of life on the road as we live it. This is only episode one, so it is a little rough around the edges, but we think it is pretty good fun! […] #overland #overlanding #adventur

Eastern Europe and the Balkans - - Not every route on an around the world trip is a dirt track through the wilderness. Our ride through Eastern Europe on our Suzuki DR 650s may have been easy riding but it was still rich in adventure. #overland #overlanding #adventuretravel #travel #Europe, #Motorcycle

Gear Advice and Lessons Learned – Clothing - - What I Wore / Worked for Me: Cycling: 0 to -10C: Underwear sports/quick-dry bra and pants Bottoms lightweight baselayer and paramo aspira waterproof trousers Top lightweight baselayer and paramo velez adventure light smock Hands Silk liners and pogies from Dogwood...

Into Quito - - We spent the Day around Banos looking around, very tourist orientated place with lots of adventure tours going off into the Amazon and adventure sports type stuff so full of tourists. The bridge over the Gorge had bungee jumping off the bridge, we wa

Expense Report Year 2: 6 September 2015 – 5 September 2016 - - This is our detailed expense report year two of our round the world motorcycle adventure and an analysis of combined spending for the two years. It shows how much money we spent and where we spent it. #overland #overlanding #adventuretravel #travel #Borders, #Motorcycle

Tow Ropes and Temples - - The stressfest had started when Bubble’s radiator first seized up and the bizarre border bureaucracy had been icing on the crazy cake. But everyone knows cakes need more than just icing and so Bubbles drove her obligatory 5km north from the border and gave us another round of overheating. We had our cherry. We didn’t […] #overland #overlanding #adventur

Adventure Annoyances 1 - Bad Roads - - Gaze at the constant stream of romantic overland expedition posts on social media and it’s easy to believe that it’s all exotic sunsets, idyllic camp spots and laughter with locals. In reality however, it’s not all thrilling and fulfilling- overlanding has more than its fair share of exasperations and frustr

European Vacation..... - - Weve been in Oberland too long and should be leaving tomorrow. Weve finally been caught up by Henning and weve had a meal and a drink. Hes been filling us in on his adventures in both Africa and South America. Hes having the time of his life same as us....