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Custom Lego Helmet Spotlight - Demon Helmet

ABP - custom lego gun highlight. Custom Lego weapons are a big part of what we do at BrickWarriors. And the guns make up quite a bit of that! This week we’re featuring the Austrian Bull Pup. This custom Lego gun features a sleek, unique design that will be sure to impress even the toughest of enemies! Pow pow! #custom #Lego #guns #brickwarriors #weapons #minifigures #scifi #abp #rifle #army #military

WW2 Lego German Medic, custom minifig created using Lego body parts plus custom helmet and weapon.

If you are looking for a menacing combat weapon to accessorize your military minifig with, then look no further than the M83 Tactical Sniper Rifle. This tiny plastic sniper rifle features an attached scope, flash suppressor on the barrel, and even a removable swinging bipod stand that will give your minifigure the stability he needs to snipe off the enemies. At just over 1.5" (4cm) long and approximately 5/8" (1.9cm) tall, this is the perfect sized weapon to give your minifigs the upper hand…

LEGO 60114 City Race Boat

Make a big splash on race day! Rev up the engines in the Race Boat and get ready for the big race. Skim over the water as fast as you can, but look out for the buoys ahead. Race to win in LEGO® City!

If you want to accessories your military minifig with the perfect gun, then look no further than the M4 Close Quarters Assault Rifle. This tiny combat weapon has an extremely detailed design and is made from a high strength ABS plastic. At approximately 1.25" (3.1cm) long and a little over .5" (1.4cm) tall, this short barrel assault rifle will give your combat minifigure the tools he needs to succeed in modern warfare. This IS NOT an official LEGO® product. However, it is compatible with…

Build your own LEGO Oliver Twist the pug dog [Instructions]