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great!! tattoo design, skull painting, watercolor skull galaxy painting --------------------------------------------------- This piece is astounding! The artist made a realistic skull, and realistic galaxy in smoke. It's just breathtaking!

I absolutely love how the way her eyes and mouth are drawn and the way her hair subtly falls forward over her forehead a tad, denote the angle of her face. I often struggle with sketching a person from this 3-quarter-angle. I end up making huge eyes and a small mouth (to try and bring the forehead closer) but my attempts end up making the face look cartoon-ish, by accident. Maybe if I try and sketch her, my skill will improve. Credit goes to: "Vampire Girl" by Little-Pip on DeviantART.

In The Garden - Stretched Canvas Print 8x10 Pin Up girl Tattoo Art lowbrow gothic Ghost with flowers Dark art Vampire Art Nouveau Roses

Pin Up girl Tattoo Art lowbrow gothic Art 16 by 20 CANVAS PRINT of Oil Painting of Ghost with flowers Dark art Vampire

Art Native Wolf Grizzly Bear Female Painting Wildlife Nature Portrait Art Print

Fine Art Print - Digital Painting - Native American, Wolf, Grizzly Bear, Tribal, Nature, Totem

Corbeau de dessin au fusain original sur une branche sombre Halloween gothique Art 6 x 8"