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A stunted dog with a rare condition is looking for a home. Quasimodo, a purebred German shepherd with short spine syndrome, is gaining fans online with his story. The pup was taken in by Secondhand Hounds, an animal shelter in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

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The carpet is base. He's trying sooooo hard to stay on the rug too!

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So loving. And so sad.

And so sad.< Idk, if I saw an injured bird I'd help it, not leave it there and take pictures of it as it dies and its mate desperately tries to help it.

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Tremmie's best friend.

Awh, faith in cats restored. Caught our cat paying our dog's remains a visit today. :') They were best friends since she was a kitten.

Meet Quasimodo The Beautiful, PERFECT creation of the Lord Jesus (Col.1:16)

Four-year-old Quasimodo is believed to be one of just 15 dogs worldwide living with short-spine syndrome. The rare condition has left him with virtually no neck but his new family say he is enjoying a new lease of life at his home.

Amos's little sister is not amused.

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