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Need something to improve your ordinary space into a breath of fresh air, look no further with these beautiful plants and palm trees that clean and purify the air around you from harmful toxins and contaminates!

Essential Oils for Eczema

Essential oils for Eczema Include: Tea Tree, Peppermint, Lavender, Frankincense, Melrose, Geranium, Rose and Chamomile. Add shea butter to make a cream.

17 DIY Air Fresheners for the Freshest House on the Block

Wanting to freshen your home without all the crazy chemicals? Here are some great DIY air fresheners that will make you home smell amazing! Half the cost and no harmful chemicals!

6 Dangers of Chewing Gum

Do you love chewing gum? While it may help to freshen your breath, chewing gum can actually be harmful to your body. From artificial sweeteners to other toxic ingredients, chewing gum may cause tooth damage, gastrointestinal disorders and tooth damage. Keep reading to find out more.

These Are The 12 Worst Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals

By: Rachael Rettner Published: 10/28/2013 01:09 PM EDT on LiveScience An environmental health advocacy organization has released a list of what it says are the 12 worst hormone-disrupting chemicals. These chemicals, known as endocrine disruptors, interfere with the actions of hormones in the human body in some way -- for instance, by imitating natural hormones,%2...