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Men should wear suspenders again. I think they look hot...especially hot in this day's fashion of wearing your pants around your knees with your a** hanging out. *shakes head* WHY did my generation have to be responsible for the sagging pants? WHY?

All you have to do is fill a dish wand with half vinegar and half Dawn dish liquid. Before you use it the first time, make sure you keep the wand upright so the liquid doesn’t leak out. It’s so simple to run a little water in the shower, and then scrub it down with the dish wand, rinse it well, and then take your shower.

Ray-Ban. on

Ray-ban, Womens sunglasses, not only fashion but also amazing price $9, Get it now!

You Know You're A Night Owl When...

Don Draper... Ok seriously gonna try to make this my last pin of him... For today <3

Community Post: 25 Totally Ingenious Tips And Tricks To Make Your Wedding Planning Easier

Because why not have a "how-to" roll up your sleeves like a prep? #CCPrep #PreppyStyle