Learn how to paint this picture with step by step #pastel #painting tips on "Making Clouds Move in a Painting" http://www.artistsnetwork.com/articles/art-demos-techniques/pastels-making-clouds-move-in-a-painting

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Elizabeth Mowry, author of Landscape Painting in Pastel, discusses pastel drawing and painting with this inspiring advice.

Pastel Drawing and Painting: An Intro for Beginners

08-Inventing Color : Pastel Painting Lessons

08-Inventing Color : Pastel Painting Lessons

pastel painting: Sunset Beach Path Original Pastel Painting by Poucher

"Sunset Beach Path" SOLD Thank you, Edward Montgomery Fine Art! Soft Pastel on Wallis

Pastel Painting lesson for beginners

This beginners tutorial will show you step by step how Artist Christine Kane creates a beautiful landscape scene using pastel.

In this art lesson from http://artistsnetwork.tv, Maggie Price demonstrates her favorite pastel painting techniques for creating beautiful sunlight and shadow in a landscape.

How to Paint Sunlight and Shadow: Landscapes in Pastel

Capture the Values of Sunlight & Shadow: Pastels with Maggie Price DVD

Unusual pastel techniques - YouTube

Drawing, painting, and digital art tutorials on a variety of subjects and media by artist and teacher, Matt Fussell.

Beautiful color.  The media used is pastel and we can observe the use of layering and smudging techniques in this pin.

The media used is pastel and we can observe the use of layering and smudging techniques in this pin.

Pastel Tutorial | Broken Color Techniques

Pastel Tutorial

Richard McKinley covers basic pastel techniques such as blending, scumbling, glazing, hatching, cross-hatching and feathering.

Winter Woods - pastel painting by Jill Stefani Wagner

A painting journal highlighting the daily pastel and watercolor work of professional artist Jill Stefani Wagner.

How to transport pastel paintings, part II, by Richard McKinley. Click the image to read his article. ~ch #pastelpainting #artadvice

Fighting the Pastel Fragility Bias, Part 2

Love these pastel techniques from Richard McKinley's "Pastel Pointers" blog at ArtistsNetwork.com. #pastel #painting #art

Pastel Techniques: Tips for Sky Holes

Richard McKinley explains pastel techniques for painting skies in this "Pastel…