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Do-It-Yourself Snow Globe  Snow globes are a Christmas classic, and these oversize spheres put on an impressive display. You can make your own snow globes with the how-to directions below.  What You Need:  A globe with rubber base and plastic stand  Epoxy  Ceramic or plastic ornaments  Distilled water  Liquid glycerin  Glitter

Do-It-Yourself Snow Globe


~~~ ***Use Mason Jars (or glass baby food jars!)*** I like the oil lamp idea. Tea lights burn way too quick and this could be cleaner with tight lid instead of a floating candle. Just more mason jar purposeful ideas

Make these cool garden-inspired candles to light the way to your next wintertime party. They take just minutes to make (plus freezing time), and are guaranteed to set a warm glow on a chilly holiday evening.

Frozen Garden Candles Blend Fire and Ice for a Stunning Display

Holly and Ivy Ice Lanterns

Holly and Ivy Ice Lanterns

Holly and Ivy Ice Lanterns are elegant and gorgeous decorative Christmas crafts for kids. On a chilly winter night, kids can fill up buckets and make an easy frozen lantern featuring lovely holly leaves.

Frozen vodka bottles would be beautiful at a cocktail party featuring martinis.

Frozen Vodka

Frozen vodka, courtesy of Martha Stewart. The ice is frozen in a block AROUND the vodka bottles. They are not giant vodka popsicles, which is what I thought they were at first. It got me really excited for a couple of minutes.