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THE PARTY HAS JUST BEGUN-NOT OVER FOR THE OVER THE HILL BIRTHDAY - SAY 30-? FOR FUN!!!! SEE ME AT* for more hilarious cards to send to friends/family!!!

The characters of Clue. I love everything about this movie, and one of my favorite things is how they set up the end credits to look like the cards from the actual game. It's the little details that really make this movie so exciting and so much fun.

I had to pray a long time about this one when I saw the post on facebook and my aunt told me about it..some of my true friends thought that was just too cruel..some don't know about it but if they did..I'm still praying over this one..I'm getting there..

Thank God you don't choke....what would be left for entertainment?! Ha. Lmfao

Let's pretend we're going to be better people in the new year.