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Fuck it I'm young. Chill out slut. Seriously my favorite meme right now.

Talking about how big your package is?

Shut up, I wear heels bigger than your dick. bahahahah i think i peed my pants when i read this

Always there for me...@hollye

I don't often talk shit about people and if I do its usually things I've said to their face but it still would be GREAT to have a friend like this! Who's signing up to be that friend?

The next time you say, "I don't care" to anything I ask...I'm going to punch you in the face!

this is how i feel about my boyfriend every single night. someday i'm going to make something ridiculous for dinner.

True or false? #christiangrey #FiftyShadesOfGrey @50ShadesSource @FiftyShadesFilm soo true

"Every girl wants a gentleman in the street and a Christian Grey in the sheets.

Judging by the looks of your new girlfriend, my suspicions were true: you DO like men!

Free and Funny Congratulations Ecard: Judging by the looks of your new girlfriend, my suspicions were true: you DO like men!

You got that?

For my besties!Funny Friendship Ecard: When I said you were my best friend, I meant that you are the only person on earth who knows almost everything about me and you better keep your whore mouth closed.

You Lint Licker! Love that commercial!

you son of a biscuit eating bull dog! what the french toast! you thought i wouldn't find out about your little doo doo head cootie queen! haha loved that commercial!

Pretty sure "some people" from high school did this before a dance, no big deal haha

Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

Funny pictures about Meanwhile at the prom. Oh, and cool pics about Meanwhile at the prom. Also, Meanwhile at the prom.

something to think about

Free and Funny News Ecard: Birth control pills should really be made for men. It makes more sense to unload a gun than to shoot a bulletproof vest.

This had me laughing so hard! Lol

USA Olympic Drinking Team - It's a gold medal in London in for sure!