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Grotta Azzurra ~ Capri, Italy by Ben Fohrer.that water is absolutely beautiful

Kanarra Creek Canyon, Utah

Kanarra Creek Slot Canyon in Kanarraville, Utah. Kanarra Creek runs through a slot canyon just outside the border of Zion National Park. The canyon isn't as extensive as the famous Narrows in Zion, but it’s far less crowded.

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Bahamas Waterfalls Love - waterfallslove

Waterfall Beach - Rainbow Coast ~ is a fresh waterfall located in William Bay National Park in Denmark, Western Australia (Beauty Scenery Australia)

The Pit is an incredible dive site in Tulum Mexico. A fresh water sinkhole with unlimited visibility a hydrogen sulfide layer (aka the cloud) and an island of debris (with its own tree which you can see in the picture) says photographer Tom St George.


enjoying a beautiful sunset in Corona Del Mar California. I grew up going to Corona del Mar or Huntington. And occasionally Newport. This makes me home sick.

Pompeii, Italy. This history is awesome. The volcano erupted and the lava covered the whole village. Now the whole village is ALWAYS going to be remembered. I have wanted to go here for years.

These people were in Pompeii when Mount Vesuvius erupted. The eruption released tons of pumice, a light volcanic rock. It completely buried the town and the people. Under the pumice, the bodies were preserved. -- That's creepy

Swim in the Blue Grotto in Capri

Swim in the Blue Grotto in Capri

Grassi Lakes in Canmore, Alberta, Canada

Grassi Lakes - Canmore, Alberta, Canada - I've never heard of this place? and I have traveled past there once a year lol Looks beautiful I wanna see!