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everything you heard is true. welcome to my world. i do not claim ownership of any images posted. they were found on the internet and are assumed to be public domain. if you are under 18 years and viewing this blog, it is way past your bedtime. go to...

Not a Christmas sprinkle, but a man-high January deluge, that sort that snuffs out schools and offices and churches, and leaves, for a day or more, a pure blank sheet in place of memo pads, date books and calendars. Sylvia Plath- The Bell Jar

Aline Weber, Shu Pei, Hailey Clauson & Nimue Smit by Kai Z Feng for Stockholm S/S/A/W

I know the Met Ball coverage has been all over the place, but I had to post these two shots of both Karlie and Arizona looking incredible. Arizona's dress is to dieeee for. (ph:tumblr,tfs) Facebook|Bloglovin|Twitter|Instagram

I'm sorry babe I'm cry in rite now to I miss u so much!:'( and lol hell yea I would watch you cause your the most beautiful girl I had ever seen!(: and I asked Jonathan brannon cause he new that one girl in your grade cause I knew what grade u was in

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