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Monarch Butterfly In Summer

Focal Point Photography,Natural Focal,Monarch, Monarch Butterfly, Milkweed Butterfly, Danaus Plexippus,In Summer,Focal Points,Butterflies

What is Depth of Field? How aperture, focal length and focus control sharpness

What is Depth of Field? How aperture, focal length and focus control what's sharp | Digital Camera World

Uta Barth

Uta Barth is a photographer who was born in Berlin, Germany and moved to the United States as a teenager. She studied art at the University of California and received an M.F.A from UCLA. Uta Barth …

Nontraditional Wedding Cake Tables You'll Love

Cacti and succulents would add an unusual touch to your wedding. Potted cacti can become wonderful centerpieces, favors, you can use them for table runners, place cards, backdrops and even cake and cupcake decor. Choo...

Photo by @robstrok. All about the atmosphere. Full tonal range but doesn't feel high contrast. Moody—fog. Desaturated and cool. Waterfall is the focal point, secondary focus at upper right framed by trees. Looks like a normal lens, level shooting angle.

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Beach finds A beach nearby is brilliant for collection various shells, definitely want to have a focal point with crushed shells in the bathroom.

Painted Turtle In Horicon Marsh Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Natural Focal Point Photography

This is a posed photograph that uses leading lines, rule of thirds, selective focus, and fills the frame to make it an example of good photography.