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TweetI adore a good ‘one pot’ pasta recipe…because I absolutely hate doing the washing up! I know that washing dishes is a necessary part of doing a lot of cooking (which I do!) but that really doesn’t stop me hating it. So, any recipe which means I essentially just have a chopping board and aContinue Reading

Creamy One Pot Cajun Chicken Pasta

Do you know the true purpose of Vaseline? Many people don’t, but almost every house has a tube of Vaseline. If you don’t know what Vaseline serves for or y

polvo de hornear es usado para hacer que algunas masas como las de tortas y ponques levanten. A diferencia de la levadura, el polvo de hornear no requiere de tiempo para levar por lo que es mucho más rápido además, no aporta sabor a la receta. El polvo de hornear contiene bicarbonato de sodio, el cual es químicamente una base, y un ácido seco como cremor tártaro (además de un ingrediente de relleno que puede ser maicena)

How to Remove Tooth Tartar at Home (with Pictures) - I wouldn't do this every other day like it suggests, more like once a week, max two. However, I like the extra steps it advices to do to help keep your teeth nice and white!

Q. Could you give some guidance on converting slow-cooker recipes for use in a Dutch oven and conversely, Dutch oven recipes for use in a slow cooker?Dennis Ziarko, via e-mailA. Slow cookers seem to...

Dear Ann Landers: I know you said you were never going to write about your meatloaf recipe again, but I have used it for several years and have always had a lot of compliments on it. It is the best

Next time you're in front of the mirror, check out your tongue - it can tell you a lot about your health!

What Does Your Tongue Say About Your Health Infographic

Next time you're in front of the mirror, check out your tongue - it can tell whats your health status is.

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Remove Facial Hair With These 3 Ingredients In No Time

In Just 15 Minutes These 3 Ingredients Will Remove Facial Hair Forever - Beauty Care Magazine