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I'm not even a teenager anymore, I'm 21 years old but I look about 14 so I get worried that they'll think I'm one of them! I have no idea why?!

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TRUE. I do this all the time, because I take my headphones everywhere with me- I can't leave them! In the car I always check because I think they're too loud, and most of the time they pretty much are too loud haha;)

I think this shouldn't be limited to "Teenager Post" I can relate lol

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Ooooohhhh never thought of it that way what do you say @elucchese @kristenbabu @jasonkapsis $100 per homework assignment??

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During passing period i like to imagine everyone trying to find a way out....its pretty funny (:


That's the best part of all the classes I have that I either hate the teacher or hate the subject or even both

This is like, so relatable when your talking to the boy of your dreams and you know you will probably never end up with him. But you keep on dreaming about it happening