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Moda Camouflage

Victoria Beckham’s Fashion Camouflage

This is the most important fashion lesson: Less is more. Doesn't mean that you have to wear a mini-dress to impress. Class is innate.

Jumper made of cable ties by Emily Wainwright NEED CABLE TIES? GREAT DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE

Alexander McQueen Spring 2010 ready-to-wear Planto's Atlantis collection. The inspiration behind this was moths but He wanted to cast, an "apocalyptic forecast" of the future "ecological meltdown" of the world.

This Week In Pictures - 09/04/13

All i need is an army jacket! GAH i need to find the PERFECT one though. With pieces like an army jacket or a leather jacket, you have to hold out, search without obsessing... the perfect jacket is out there! It's just gotta find you.