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(FC Dalton Rapattoni)Hey, my name's Finn. I'm 19 and single. I'm a bit rough around the edges, but I'm nice enough once you get to know me (if I let you get to know me). I'm incredibly stubborn and I like to sing.

Hey guys I'm Mackenzie :) I'm kinda goofy and shy sometimes. I have a crush on a girl at our school but she's too cool for me. :/ (@ gmoney :P) I'm a senior and idk what I'll do after school but hopefully college of the arts.

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They. Are. Leaving. :( I'm actually quite sad. But I am glad they are going back home though. So they can see their families and friends. AND I need more concert pictures. xD I'll miss them. Come back soon boys.

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: How much would you give to have @adamlambert this focused on you " <------- I Can't Even... . . .