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(FC Dalton Rapattoni)Hey, my name's Finn. I'm 19 and single. I'm a bit rough around the edges, but I'm nice enough once you get to know me (if I let you get to know me). I'm incredibly stubborn and I like to sing.

Hey guys I'm Mackenzie :) I'm kinda goofy and shy sometimes. I have a crush on a girl at our school but she's too cool for me. :/ (@ gmoney :P) I'm a senior and idk what I'll do after school but hopefully college of the arts.

Media Tweets by ️️️️️ (@DaltonGIFS) | Twitter

Media Tweets by ️️️️️ (@DaltonGIFS) | Twitter

Wild4Adam on

: How much would you give to have @adamlambert this focused on you " <------- I Can't Even... . . .

candace on

They. Are. Leaving. :( I'm actually quite sad. But I am glad they are going back home though. So they can see their families and friends. AND I need more concert pictures. xD I'll miss them. Come back soon boys.

yasira on

Scary how accurate and true this is. This hurts. Send help. Now. Please.

Media Tweets by ️️️️️ (@DaltonGIFS) | Twitter

Media Tweets by ️️️️️ (@DaltonGIFS) | Twitter