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Forest harp, Candace McCarty

You don’t really know me. There is a tree in my heart. Sheltered behind its leaves, you can find shy notes And if you gather them, you can hear me breathing. ― Feral Strings, by Cyril Rolando. Artwork: Feral Strings, by Cyril Rolando.

Chris Brown Graffiti Artwork | Popstar Artists - The Chris Brown Kid Zoom Artworks are Darkly ...

Popstar Artists

Chris Brown Kid Zoom - As demonstrated by these Chris Brown Kid Zoom art pieces, it seems like a lot of people have hidden talents. First it was Bryan Adams moonlighting .

What Animal Are You Like When You're Angry?  95% When you are angry, you are like a fierce, frightening tiger who will pounce on your prey when provoked! Tigers hunt alone which explains why you are so independent and resourceful! However, there is a small part of your personality that would rather avoid confrontation, especially with loved ones. Instead you’d rather just cuddle up like a kitten, take a nap and purr your problems away! MEOW!

What Animal Are You Like When You're Angry?

Fierce as a frightening tiger? Smart and calculated shark? When you’re angry, which animal are you most like? Check back daily for new quizzes, jokes and fun!

どことなく日本のアニメっぽい。カナダ生まれのEllen Jewettさんが手掛けるスカルプチャーアートは、哺乳類や鳥、木などが融...


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