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Sunday is a great day to indulge in some rest and restoration. A hot aromatic bath does wonders for calming the mind and soothing the soul. Stimulating the lymphatic system with a dry brush ritual will help flush out toxins in the body, improve appearance of cellulite and ensure a beautiful glowing complexion. #drybrush #ritual #detox #springrenewal #body #wellness #beuaty #bath

Traveling during the holidays or during anytime can cause havoc on the skin. My beauty-must-haves when I get on a plane is, rosewater mist, face oil, lip balm and mineral foundation for spf.

Cleansing your skin correctly is an important part of your beauty routine. ✨✨✨The key to obtaining a clear radiant complexion, is to use a wash cloth daily when cleansing your skin. After massaging your cleanser into the skin for at least 30-60 seconds, use a wash cloth to throughly remove the cleanser -- this will help prevent any leftover residue sitting on the skin and clogging your pores. Follow with your favorite mist or non-drying toner to ph balance your skin.

Day #11. LEMONS. Lemons are another #superpower skin nutrient. You can take it internally in a glass of hot water in the morning to jumpstart your metabolism and help eliminate #toxins, which will bring clarity to your #skin. Lemon juice is antibacterial and high in Vitamin C, so you can apply it directly on the skin to clear up #blemishes, fade dark spots and brighten the complexion. #skincare #beautytips #acne #naturalbeauty #organic

Day #15. PAPAYA. #Papaya is jam-packed full of vitamin c, which helps fight off free radicals and repair damaged cells as well as excellent for boosting #collagen production in the skin. Eat fresh papaya to take advantage of the digestive enzymes or rub a raw piece of papaya gently on the skin to #exfoliate dead skin cells and tighten the pores. Leave on for 10 minutes and then remove with cold water. #skincaretips #beautytips #beauty #betterthanbotox #beautynews #facials

Day #9. HONEY. Honey is a #superfood in my book. Not only does it have incredible nutritional properties but it can also be used on the skin as a mask. The naturally occurring lactic acid is excellent for exfoliating the skin gently without causing irritation. Use all over as you would a mask or use it as a spot treatment for ingrown hairs or for those little stubborn whiteheads trapped underneath the skin called milia. #exfoliate #skincare #organic #naturalskincare

Day #10. WASHCLOTH. I'm a huge fan of using a washcloth when you #cleanse your face because it thoroughly removes the cleanser from the skin and ensures no residue is left behind to clog the #pores. #beautytips #skincare #facials #sanfrancisco

Blueberries are superfoods for your skin. Improves collagen, while reducing dark circles and wrinkles. Packed with anti-oxidants as well as copper which is good for boosting immune system and fighting acne.

Why is drinking water so good for your skin? It plumps up and hydrates the skin as well as helps to flush out toxins. This in turn means healthier organs, more elasticity, less wrinkles, less breakouts and less dark circles around the eyes. When your body is dehydrated, the blood pulls water from your skin cells and you end up with a dry, lackluster complexion.

Highly anti-bacterial in nature, rosemary is perfect to use during the cold season. I love drinking it as a tea with ginger as it clears the sinuses and depuffs your face. For problematic skin types, you can use the leftover tea as a face compress as it will help clear up blemishes and decongest the skin. Rosemary also has a grounding effect on the body and reduces anxiety; so take a deep breath and inhale the tea before drinking it. You will feel instantly calmed!

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