Crafted so as to resemble the tooth of a tiger, this powerful amulet can be a powerful aid in seeking out the powers of the Tiger in the spirit world, bringing protection from harm, evil spirits, jinxes and curses. Further, tigers are believed to be good luck, making this amulet good for attracting good luck, prosperity and success as well. This amulet comes with an 18" long cord and hangs approximately 2 3/4" long. $5.95

Empowered with energy, this amulet is meant for those who wander, giving them a greater strength and wisdom in embracing their path. Hanging 2" long and crafted of the finest lead-free pewter, this amulet is shaped into the wizened features of an aged wizard wearing a travel-worn cap. With strong eyes gazing out from beneath the brim of his hat, and a colorful gem that marks his mind`s eye, he lends strength and guidance to those who wear it. He comes with a 30" cord to hang on, you ca $5.95

The stillness and silence of night brings a special sort of peace into all beings. Every living thing has its place during the nighttime hours, either in their beds or taking their place as part of the night life that surrounds us. Made out of lead-free pewter and formed into a 1 1/2" by 1" representation of the moon in all her changing faces, this amulet is meant to serve as a connection with the nighttime spirits and the peace that can be found during the darkest hours of the night. $4.95

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Timelessly held as a talisman that brings good luck even as it wards away evil influences, the horseshoe has been a powerful image in many traditions. Here, it is plated in 14k gold and carved with runes of power, presenting an exquisitely detailed amulet standing 3/4" high and 3/4" wide. Sure to bring you good luck and prosperity, this amulet is intended to be strung upon a cord or chain, but can just as easily be carried in your pocket, wallet, or purse. $2.95

Price $30.39 - Triple Moon Offering Bowl Offering Bowls Offering bowls are bowls or plates that are used to hold offerings that Wiccans and Neo Pagans wish to offer to their god or goddess that they worship. Offering bowls can basically be any form of bowl of plate, whether it is made from metal, wood, gemstone...

This talisman is the powerful Hebrew symbol of protection that is representative of Judaism and is frequently used in traditions of Kabbalah. Within that mystical art, it frequently represents the number Seven, for its six points and the space within its center. Sometimes spoken of as the Shield of David, it is a powerful aid in seeking the protection and power of God. Hanging 2 1/2" in diameter, it can be strung on your favorite cord or chain, carried with you, or simply kept in a pl $7.95

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