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North American: Wolf said that a human could be brought back from the dead with an arrow, but the Coyote thought the dead should stay dead. Then Coyote's son died and he pleaded with Wolf to bring him back. Wolf said no, because Coyote was right; dead should stay dead.

Stiles becomes a werewolf and his eyes… well after all that stuff with nogitsune they’re not like he expected them to be. Lucky for him Derek knows exactly what to say to make him feel ...

Daniel Sharman (Isaac Lahey) discusses how his lack of eyebrows made him the ugly werewolf of the pack. #TeenWolf #hilarious

Hi my name is Rose and in human years I'm 18. I'm a little shy at first but if you mess up with my friends... You better watch out. I'm kinda lonely, never really had a group I could call mine. Intro?