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David Hockney - This mural is made up of photographs. Even though the photos don't go together they still look really effective together. As I do photography I could take the photos, put them together and paint them.

Photoshop tip: Turn human eyes into animal eyes in photos

This forest is something I was considering to do for a project in class! I couldn't fully grasp the layering of the trees though and you did that perfectly! I do love the rock signs and the color of the leaves are perfect. But to show the unorganized placement of the trees like you did makes this piece perfect!>>> beautiful

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Clever Ways to Decorate Your Hallway

Clever Ideas to Decorate Your Hallway - love the bench to sit the kids on while I do their shoes!

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Ignorance is supposed to be bliss

How far does the rabbit hole go? Do you really want to know? I advise against it. So far the biblical stories appear to be true, in the notion that knowledge leads to evil & despair. Although, I do have hope that we can save our way of life on this planet and learn to live in closer harmony with the Earth... but I have been wrong more than once. Only when you know how to see through the illusions should you dare to travel through the rabbit hole.... Or something like that.

It was tine to return home. No matter the consequence.

Reiki Love & Light. I do this protection and then some, every night! To myself, Ron and my babies and anyone that enters my meditation.

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The 34 Movies You Need To See This Summer

Pitch Perfect 2 #film | I do have some misgivings about certain characterisations and the representation of the non-white and straight characters but I can't deny I didn't laugh...alot.