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My personal illustrations. Some of them were used as graphic t-shirts, posters and other products.You can follow all the steps of the creation of these artworks in my Instagram profile: instagram.com/thiago_bianchini

Hawk and wolf; Stippling could be a good technique to use as it allows for strong tonal work whilst still keeping simplicity.

what are your demands i want a reven and some red lipstick thats all? what else could i want? M.W.

Jim, an ambulance driver for the wildlife sanctuary, reaches down to touch a raven in rehabilitation.From: Annie Marie Musselman’s “Finding Trust”

Gansey by cassandrajp | The Raven Cycle

"the raven cycle"

This line. Like, oh my god. I was both expecting it, and not. But... it was Gansey saying it. So how could they NOT wake?

THE RAVEN CYCLE: Blue Lily, Lily Blue: 8 quotes + 1 “ Humans were so circular;

Would be really cool to do on a scratch off.

and she had entire galaxies in her head, whirling, twirling, full of things that no one else could even imagine