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A paper plate, one like this but big enough to fit around my head after cutting out the middle. I would paint it all grey too, and cut rectangles out of the rim to make it look like the deflector dish. This would have blue glow sticks along the edge and underneath.

'Been a fan of the show for a long time and after rewatching a few of the older episodes there's a question about the deflector dish and why some ships don't have them but still are able to engage high impulse speeds and warp speed. The basics of the deflector isn't the dish but the heavy duty subspace coils behind the dish itself. These create the gravity beam that is the emitted from the dish. However that is only used for big items like asteroids and other larger items out to several…

Cadac portable gas heaters are used for instant heat and have a "Stay cool" carry handle. The Double gauze prevents blow back when turning off and the chrome plated parabolic heat deflector dish allows for maximum heat deflection. Stainless Steel safety grid covering front of heater