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These two are like Bernardo and Daniel

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Gorgeous picture

That's the same look my kitten gives me before she decides to go three kinds of crazy on my ass.

unevxntful:   my blog will make you smile


The tiger is the largest cat species, reaching a total Such beauty Tigers, body length of up to m over curves and weighing up to kg in the wild

Funny Animal Captions - Animal Capshunz: I've Got to Change Up Our Netflix Queue

I love this! I love to bite, its bad. I bite Joe hottie all the time.

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The caracal, unique cat with tall tufted ears. 20 different muscles in those ears help it find its prey while the sensitive tufts of fur further help to pinpoint its prey. The Caracal is able to snatch a bird in flight, sometimes more than one at a time.

Baby Jaguarundi | Having spent several hours just sitting near mother and kitten to earn ...

Rare cats and even rarer kittens Snow Leopard Rusty Spotted Cat Rare Species Conservation Centre Pallas Cat Jaguarundi Fishing Cat Desert Sand Cat Black Footed Cat



En son cok ofkelendigimde, su an hapiste olan, Zanli Emekli Orgeneral Ilker BASBUG u Genelkurmay Askeri Savcisina sikayet etmeye kalkistim... Tabii dumanimi cikardilar :) O 14 aydir kodeste, ben ise Strip Club da, en cok sevilen, begenilen, aranan, opulen, sarilinan ve locker room da ustune ustluk yuzume karsi, "gitme, seni cok seviyoruz" denilen Valet pozisyonuna dustum :) Yeniden ofkelenmek istemiyorum, cunku bu kez, bu kadar ucuz atlatamayacaklar, beni ofkelendirenler!...

This is a beautiful picture of a tiger with its reflection in the water. I love reflection pictures!

Two tigers playing in the snow.

magicalnaturetour: “ Tiger fight (by missysnowkitten) ”