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Nonfiction Text Features Poster

FREE Single-page legal-sized poster illustrating common text features found in nonfiction texts. 2 pgs, From Positively Primary.

Nonfiction text features anchor chart and poster for the classroom http://kristasclassroom.wordpress.com/2014/08/17/nonfiction-text-features/

Nonfiction Text Features

Nonfiction text features anchor chart and poster for the classroom. Turn this into a student-driven center with monthly Kids' Scoop Newspapers?

NonFiction Text Features book

Use this 10 page packet as a way for students to show what they know about non-fiction text features or pass the sheets out individually as they pe.

Introduce children to common nonfiction text features such as contents, labels, captions, bold words, lists, timelines, close-ups and more, but in a very personal way... each page is about them!  Fun!  {8 student pages and teacher directions, $}  #nonfictiontext  #textfeatures

Introducing Nonfiction Text Features {K-2 Student Book}

If you are beginning your class study of nonfiction texts, specifically nonfiction text features, this student book makes learning about them fun a.

Nonfiction Bingo - no directions, just picture (via Oscar Learn, Oscar Teach!) - but I am sure it would be easy to Google directions...

text feature bingo Kids learn the elements of nonfiction when they play nonfiction Bingo! Run a weekly nonfiction contest! Laminate for future use.

text features slide show for your whiteboard

scroll down for text features slide show for your whiteboard, text feature posters--power point for many things like reference materials