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10 Festive Party Cake Ideas

all natural red velvet cake with beets // use this recipe! // 3tb cocoa powder and added buttermilk instead of cream cheese in the cake batter

Fun Recipes to Make Your Own Food Coloring

Red velvet cake with pureed beets.no food coloring. It was pretty.the beet taste. People who didn't know it was beets said it was good but since I knew it was beets I felt weird eating it.

This is my go-to chocolate cake recipe. The secret? A cup of coffee! Makes the cake super moist and delicious. Buttermilk also helps, yum, so needless...

Delicious Chocolate Cake Recipe Has One Secret Ingredient

This is my go-to chocolate cake recipe. The secret? A cup of coffee! Makes the cake super moist and delicious. Buttermilk also helps, yum, so needless.

Aside from being stunningly beautiful on the outside, this red velvet strawberry shortcake from i am baker is layer upon layer of deliciousness on the insi

How-To: Red Velvet Strawberry Shortcake

Red Velvet Strawberry Shortcake- I made a four layer cake. Two layers of red velvet and two layers of white cake. I started with the red velvet, added a fluffy layer of whipped cream, then a bunch of diced strawberries.

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Sprinkle Bakes: Pink Vanilla Pocky Cake--this is awesome! Strawberry Pocky is Kitawna and I's favorite snack. This cake will rock!

Santa Hat Party Mix - Joybx

Santa Hat Party Mix

I tried this, using sparkly sugar (decorative Shimmer White Sugar by Cake Mate) for the tassel and trim. A little messy, as it was necessary to hold the just-dipped Bugles with fingers, to dip both ends in a bowl of the s

Νηστίσιμη σοκολατόπιτα

Mississippi Mud Dessert Brownies: Instead Of The Listed Toppings, I Pressed Chocolate Chips Into The Batter Before It Baked And Topped It With Chocolate Sauce And Vanilla Ice Cream.

A 6-ingredient, 15-minute, Delectable Shortbread Tart filled with a Smooth Dark Chocolate Ganache and sprinkled Pomegranate Arils.

A Delectable Shortbread Tart filled with a Smooth Dark Chocolate Ganache and sprinkled Pomegranate Arils. I was quite shocked when I recently noticed I have not yet posted .


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White chocolate cake with strawberries

Naked Strawberry Rasberry Shortcake, How To Make (almost) Any Cake. Includes descriptions of different types of cake and frosting.

Receita de bolo para chá de cozinha/casamento

Receita de bolo para chá de cozinha/casamento

recipe: vanilla bean shortbread cookies...

Not so much about recipe, more about the "holly & berries" -- Sweet Lavender Bake Shoppe: recipe: vanilla bean shortbread cookies.

great idea for the next birthday of my bf <3

Stacked donut "cake"- little man would LOVE for his birthday next month! This, or that other stacked donut birthday thing.